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Services Offered:  The Probus Club of Etobicoke is a private social club with membership restricted to those persons approved by the Membership Director.  As such, the only services provided by the club for which payment is required by members are (1) annual membership fees and (2) registration fees for club activities, events and outings.

Waiting List: The Membership Chair maintains a list of applicants, who have gone through the initial approval process ("Waiting List Members") and are waiting to become Full members. When space is available, full membership will be offered to the person or persons currently at the top of the Waiting List. Should they decline their names will be moved to the bottom of the Waiting List. Anyone declining full membership a second time will have their name removed from the list. They will be eligible to reapply in 3 years.  In the event there are extenuating circumstances, the Membership Chair will refer the issue to the Executive Committee to make the final decision.

Refund Policy: No refunds are provided for annual membership fees.  If a member has registered and paid for a club activity, event or outing and wishes to cancel such registration, a refund will be issued providing that (1) the club is not committed to paying a third party for such registration and (2) that the member provides adequate notice to the club of such request for cancellation.  A cancellation fee may be charged to the member to cover the cost to the club for such cancellation.

Privacy:  The Probus Club of Etobicoke collects personal information from its members and prospective members solely for the purpose of maintaining a list of its members.  The information collected includes name, address, phone number and email address.  It will not share this information with any other organization.  The information is included in a directory made available to other members.  However, each member can request that their address and/or phone number not be included in the directory.  This request can be made by logging into this website and changing the profile of the member.

Respect for Others:  Probus clubs are a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian fellowship organization.   Members are expected to refrain from using the club to promote their business, political or religious agendas.  However, this does not preclude members from sharing their beliefs and opinions one-on-one in a respectful and non-assertive manner.

If in the opinion of, and after due consideration by, the Club’s Management Committee, a member who has conducted himself/herself in such a manner as to bring discredit on the Club or on PROBUS Canada or causes serious discord within the Club membership, the Management Committee shall endeavour to discuss and favourably resolve the issue with the member.  Should such discussion be unsuccessful, the member may be asked by the President to resign. Should the member not resign, the Management Committee, by majority vote, may choose to not accept the renewal of the membership of the member for the following and any subsequent year(s) and shall return any Club membership renewal fees paid by or on behalf of the member for any period for which the member’s membership in the Club has not been in effect.

Service and Support: The Probus Club of Etobicoke can be contacted for support and service by email at


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